About Me

By day, Amazon Bestselling Author Eli Bauer dons a smiley face and becomes a super kiss up to her teachers at university and blogs about hot stories. By night she writes steamy erotic books that will make your friend 'down-there' feel like a stripper. She makes herself feel special by reminding herself how hot her sex scenes are.

When she published her debut novella 'Dark Desires' it instantly hit a bestseller list climbing onto No. 14 on Short Reads Young Adult and No. 91 on Short Reads Romance!

She likes heroes who often forget to wear shirts and doesn't mind adding them in her stories. When you want a thriller with heart (Or in this case steamy sex) look no more.

She has a book blog where she reviews books and interviews famous, well-known authors and does giveaways!

She writes on Wattpad under the name ThrillingGalReads here.

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