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The Necho Saga Books 1-2 *Review*

Hey people of the world, welcome the hell back to my blog. I know, I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything recently but I'm drowning in depression, therapy medical bills etc... And I'm trying to get $ for publishing my first novel. I've received support from Kelly Anne Blount, who gave me an early ARC copy of SNOW, an anthology that I'll be reviewing shortly... But I promised that I'd do a review on her novels GRISHMA & AYLA so here they come!!!

Interview with Bethany Shay Porteous

Hey guys! Welcome the hell back to my blog! Today I'll be interviewing Bethany Shay Porteous best-selling author of Wolfsbane.

Michele Hauf Interview + Review + Giveaway

Hey readers of the world, welcome the hell back to my blog. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting recently, it's because I've been super busy and I'm trying very hard to reach out to new authors (some haven't been responding) however no worries... They will!
Today I'll be reviewing Michele Hauf, the author of 81 books but to me, she's the author of the fifth Venice Vampyr novella Wicked Seduction. I've included a bio of her below then the interview, review and the giveaway!

Ansela Corsino Interview + Review + Giveaway

Hey, everyone! Welcome the hell back to my blog! Continuing my series of interviewing and reviewing books from writers on Wattpad, Today I'll be interviewing Ms. Ansela Corsino and reviewing her novel which originated from Wattpad The Billionaire's Price!

The Billionaire's Price ranked no. 1 on the hotlist on Wattpad and reached over 23 Million hits online. Ansela then published the novel herself and it's currently available to read online off your favorite retailers both eBook and Paperback.

First up is the interview then the review... Then the giveaway I've included her bio as well! Happy reading!

Kelly Anne Blount Interview + Review + Giveaway

Hello there readers of the world! Welcome back to my blog and today I’ll be interviewing the lovely and talented Kelly Anne Blount whose stories will

"Make you dare to explore your true self."

I'll also be reviewing her sexy novel Impassioned. I've included her bio below. Let me just make it clear, Miss Kelly was so nice to me when I asked for this interview. She was very kind and was enthusiastic.


Mine *Review*

Hello readers of the world! Welcome back to my blog and today I'll be reviewing a novel which originated from Wattpad and is one of the few books that are well on the platform. Today I'll be reviewing Bethany Shay Porteous's Mine!

I reached out to the author to do an interview and we'll just see what happens. Also to let you guys know I'm going to be reviewing a little bit more Wattpad works but not at the moment.

Bethany Shay Porteous is a young romance and fantasy author from Australia. She published her first novel ‘Wolfsbane’ when she was nineteen. Bethany started writing at the age of eleven and her writing evolved from young adventure stories, to young adult romance and fantasy novels. To Bethany, writing is not a chore or a job; it's an escape to another world and a chance to share her many worlds with others.

Mina V. Esguerra: Interview + Review + Giveaway

Hello, there romance readers and writers alike. Today I have a real treat for you as I'll be interviewing a woman who knows what she's doing in terms of publishing. Today I'll be interviewing Mina V. Esguerra and writing a review about her book!

Mastered By Her Captor + Mastered By The Sheikh + Ranking The Novellas!!! *Review*

Hey, there sexy readers of erotica. Today I'm going to be reviewing the first ever Opal Carew book I've ever read, right when it came out actually. Today I'll be talking about the fifth novella in the MASTERED BY series and also the sixth one titled MASTERED BY THE SHEIKH. The reason why I'm doing uploading both at the same time (And I also uploaded Mastered By The CEO & Mastered By My Guardian earlier this day) is that I'm very busy.

I have university, work, interviewing and contacting new authors, reading books and I'm writing on the side! But that's a different story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. If you did don't forget to follow this blog and also check out the giveaway that I'm hosting with the fabulous Opal Carew.  Click here.

Mastered By My Guardian + Mastered By The CEO *Review*

I try to remind myself that not all books are for me. Today I'll be reviewing MASTERED BY MY GUARDIAN to continue my series of reviews for MASTERED BY SERIES.
And since I'm kind of busy, I'll be posting MASTERED BY THE CEO too!

Giveaway Time - Opal Carew

Hello there book readers of the world! Welcome to my blog and today is a special day! Today I posted my review of Dirty Talk by Opal Carew which you should go and check out I'll link it here.

Mastered By The Boss *Review*

Hello there readers of the world. Welcome back to this sexy book blog and continuing my reviews of Opal Carew, I'm going to talk about MASTERED BY THE BOSS.

Dirty Secret: Secret Pleasure *Review*

Hello there people of the world. Welcome back to my blog and today I'll be talking about Opal Carew's newest release titled Dirty Talk. Opal, being the sweetest Canadian author (or even one of the sweetest authors I know) gave me an ARC copy of the book.

Played By The Master *Review*

Hey there readers of the world! I hoped you enjoyed my last post which was an interview with one of erotica's best authors Opal Carew. Now I'll be posting a series of reviews of her MASTERED BY series as well as a review for her upcoming story DIRTY TALK (I'll be reviewing it tomorrow)


Interview with OPAL CAREW

Hey there readers of the world. Welcome to this new blog where you'll get sizzling reviews from sexy books, free books written by yours truly,  giveaways and reviews from hot-wild-minded authors... Like today. Today I'll be interviewing one author who is better than EL JAMES and who will

"Make your friend down there feel like a stripper."
But for those of you who don't know who miss Carew is... Wake up. I've included a bio of here below as well as the interview. Keep scrolling down.

Opal Carew is the NYT & USA Today bestselling author of dozens of sexy, erotic novels from ST. Martin's Press. She doesn't stop there, Opal releases quite a lot of novellas and short stories over the year that will make your heart literally explode. She also writes sensual books under the name Amber Carew and hotter books (I didn't even know that was possible) under the name Ruby Carew. She lives in Ontario Ottawa with her husband and has two sons. She loves crystal…