The Necho Saga Books 1-2 *Review*

Hey people of the world, welcome the hell back to my blog. I know, I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything recently but I'm drowning in depression, therapy medical bills etc... And I'm trying to get $ for publishing my first novel. I've received support from Kelly Anne Blount, who gave me an early ARC copy of SNOW, an anthology that I'll be reviewing shortly... But I promised that I'd do a review on her novels GRISHMA & AYLA so here they come!!!

Where do I begin?
Ms. Blount developed the story well, however, I felt as if the writing style in AYLA was better than GRISHMA. Not saying that GRISHMA wasn't well written, it was, but Ayla was far better. Her writing style was perfect! Blount was smart enough to write the novels in third-person rather in first person. She also was smart in having a fast-paced novel! It is a shame that this is YA and no 'hot pages' are in it, but I didn't mind. If the writing is good, I'm good that that is what kept me going, that's all I can say. It would have been 'cool' to read the novels in the characters' POV...
...Speaking of characters, why isn't Ryder a real person? Kelly, if you're reading this, is there a real Ryder? He is your total book BF, not joking. However, Brooklyn wasn't my favorite gal in the world. I didn't identify with her well, but the fact that she was a strong-willed bad ass chick, didn't cause any harm to me.
I was super happy to have more "one on one" with Ryder. I have to say, I'm in love with him and he doesn't deserve a pure chick like Brooklyn. I mean, come on girl... Unleash your bad side!
One thing I hate about sequels is that they simply recycle the same shit from the beginning. That's why I like series that are stand-alone, but the sequel had a well-developed strong plot.
In Ayla, Ryder is in Necoh and has plans to kill Grishma for what she did to his family. But his revenge may have to be put on hold when...
Read it to find out yourself.

It's both eBook & Print!

Sorry this review was short. I'm super busy and stay tuned for a review of the SNOW anthology plus an interview with Grace Callaway, Apryl Baker & Tina Folsom!