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Interview with Bethany Shay Porteous

Hey guys! Welcome the hell back to my blog! Today I'll be interviewing Bethany Shay Porteous best-selling author of Wolfsbane.

 Originating from Wattpad, Porteous wrote Wolfsbane at the age of sixteen! Wolfsbane reached 4.7 Million hits and when published, it dominated the Amazon UK Charts!
Bethany then published a stand-alone sequel to her novel titled Mine which reached 745K hits online (I also reviewed it here).
She is currently working on a sequel to Wolfsbane!!!

1. What prompted you to start writing?
I started writing when I was eleven, back then I did so much reading that one day I simply thought if someone else could do it then so could I.

2. How did You Find Wattpad?
2. I can't even remember how I found Wattpad, I think a friend may have been reading on it so I uploaded one of my works.

3. How did it feel when you finished your first novel and the support you got from Wolfsbane?
3. When I finished Wolfsbane it was 2am and my brain was fried. It didn't hit me that I had actually kind of written something until people began supporting it and reading it. It was very overwhelming and exciting and it still is!

4. What made you want to publish your book?
4. I have always wanted to see my own name on my book shelf. I wanted to share my mind with people and provide a solace that I find often in books. Creating a world that helps take people out of this one for a while is a really great feeling. Reading brings me so much joy and it's humbling to know that so many people can escape inside a world I created.

5. Did you try to go the traditional route or straight to indie?
5. I went straight to indie, I'm too damn impatient!

What are you working on now?
6. I am working on....a secret for now ;) (It was the sequel to Wolfsbane!)

7. When do you think we'll see another book of yours on the shelves?
7. Very soon, you have my word.

Ok, guys, that was the interview. I'm trying to find 'big authors' to interview. Also watch out for an interview with Tina Folsom and a couple reviews for some of her books. Also, the interview with Grace Callaway, reviews for The Necho Saga by Kelly Anne Blount, Opal Carew reviews.


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