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Giveaway Time - Opal Carew

Hello there book readers of the world! Welcome to my blog and today is a special day! Today I posted my review of Dirty Talk by Opal Carew which you should go and check out I'll link it here.

But also, you have a chance to win a free eBook copy of Played By The Master and Dirty Talk!!!

*Throws Confetti*

What you have to do to enter you may ask?

  1. Go on and review one of Opal's indie books.
  2. Follow this blog.
  3. Contact me via form to tell me that you did and which book you reviewed along with the interviewer's name.
Winner will be announced on Tuesday. And to get in the spirit here's an audio expert of Played By The Master and A expert of Dirty Talk!

Played By The Master book review: Here
Dirty Talk review: Here

Expert from Dirty Talk

Unnerved, Sonny grabbed her book and suntan lotion and shoved them into her bag, then pushed her towel in, too. She slipped on her sandals and surged to her feet, then hurried to the door. As she slid it open, she glanced over her shoulder and saw that the big man was watching her, a frown on his face.

Did he think she was running away from him?
She didn’t want any man to think she was afraid of him—showing strength was important—but right now, the threat she faced was her own unbridled libido. She didn’t understand her reaction to him and that unsettled her so much she had to escape.
She closed the door behind her and hurried away. 


Note: There’s also a special bonus in the book. It’s an erotic audio that’s sure to… um… please! ;)
Sign up for an uncensored sample of the erotic audio that Opal will be sending exclusively to her Reader Group:
But, hurry. She's sending it this weekend (You’ll also get some great free reads!)

If you have any questions contact me or ask Opal on FB. Winner will be picked at random.  Check out the interview I did with Opal too!!!


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