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Mastered By Her Captor + Mastered By The Sheikh + Ranking The Novellas!!! *Review*

Hey, there sexy readers of erotica. Today I'm going to be reviewing the first ever Opal Carew book I've ever read, right when it came out actually. Today I'll be talking about the fifth novella in the MASTERED BY series and also the sixth one titled MASTERED BY THE SHEIKH. The reason why I'm doing uploading both at the same time (And I also uploaded Mastered By The CEO & Mastered By My Guardian earlier this day) is that I'm very busy.

I have university, work, interviewing and contacting new authors, reading books and I'm writing on the side! But that's a different story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. If you did don't forget to follow this blog and also check out the giveaway that I'm hosting with the fabulous Opal Carew.  Click here.


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew comes another sizzling BDSM erotic romance in the Mastered By series.

Kalie Terron

The man who kidnapped me has haunted my dreams for weeks. Hot sexy dreams of his full lips moving on me. Over my naked body. Touching me in soft, intimate places.

As my captor, he wore jeans and a casual shirt. I hadn't known that the man who brought my sexual fantasy to life is a powerful, wealthy businessman.

Now I've tracked him down, determined to convince him to give us a chance.

I've seen his eyes with a dominating edge. I've seen them filled with passion. And even filled with an intense need that rivaled my own. But now those eyes are cold and detached as if what the two of us shared was nothing to him.

But I won't give up.

Erik King

Kalie wants a relationship. Flowers and candlelight. Soft words spoken in front of a fire. But I'm not a romantic kind of guy. I like my sex rough and hard. And I like my women soft and submissive.

Just because she enjoyed a fantasy about being abducted and forced to have sex with two men, she thinks she can handle what I want. She doesn't get that what I enjoy is in a whole different league.

She seems intimidated by my status, which is good. I intend to take every opportunity to keep her off balance. For her own good, as well as mine.

Her unyielding determination tells me it will be difficult to convince her to back off. Thus, my only alternative is to use intimidation to scare her away.

So I will give her the chance she's been begging for, confident that in the end, she'll be begging to get away from me.

This book is one of my all time favorites. I'd like to also add that if you purchase this novella you get a prequel. The prequel is titled The Captive and it is the fourth in a short story series titled Red Hot Fantasies which I hope to review in the future, so I'm not going to review The Captive today.

We catch up with Kalie and Erik after a sexual encounter where Kalie's friend made her sexual fantasy come to life. Her friend Becca, hires two men to role play the roles of kidnappers. Somehow she realizes that after that sexual experience she needs something more deep-down.

After all that happened Kalie wants more. Although Erik understands her, he is dealing with a broken heart. But this guy however like men are, have a price as well. He's willing to change if she fulfills his sexual fantasies in a short period of time... And she says yes!

In terms of the story, like I said I will be only reviewing Mastered By Her Captor and not The Captive. I really enjoyed this novella because of its delightful writing style but there is one glitch. I felt like the ending happened too fast, but then again it's a novella. That's what it's for.

This novella really allows you to enter your desires and it'll make you be in thirst for more.

I loved Kalie so much. Now, the thing I like about her is that she wants more. Kinda like Fifty Shades, I guess but I feel as if Kalie is more experienced and smarter than Ana.

Erik on the other hand, I don't like the fact that he has his rules but then again the poor man had been dealing with a wounded heart!

I highly recommend this novella. If you purchase it, you get the other book The Captive for free!

For more info on this sexy and stunning novel click here.

Now time to move on to the next novella.


Kidnapped by a ruthless sheikh intent on revenge, Lily’s only ally is a man from her past she cannot trust.

Lily’s vacation to paradise turns into a nightmare when she’s kidnapped and taken to a sheikh’s vacation hideaway where she’s blindfolded, chained, and presented to the sheikh’s brother as a gift. She’s shocked to discover her new “owner” is a man from her past.

Yasin refuses to return home to Marjah to celebrate his 30th birthday with his family, until his brother offers to have them all meet on a private, tropical island. When he arrives to celebrate, Omar presents him with a very special gift. The woman who rejected Yasin in college five years earlier. A woman Yasin has never stopped loving.

When Yasin sees Lily chained, frightened, and at his mercy, his deeply rooted family genes urge him to punish her for the immeasurable pain she caused him with her callous rejection. To dominate her until she surrenders totally to his will, quivering in his arms.

But his heart is wrenched by the sight of her terrified and powerless. He walks a fine line between keeping Lily safe and appeasing his powerful brother. At the same time, he struggles to keep his own unwanted urges in check.

He is committed to protecting Lily from being ravaged by his ruthless family, but can he protect her from his own barbaric desires?

Mastered by the Sheikh is part of Opal Carew’s MASTERED BY series, an erotic romance series with a Dominance/submission theme. If you like red-hot sex, dominating alpha heroes, and captivating love stories, then you’ll love this series that combines all those things in fast-paced, poignant, and sometime humorous tales.

Buy this exciting, sizzling second-chance-at-love romance today!

This is the final novella that has been released in the series so far.
I had purchased the novella right when it came out on Smashwords but I hadn't read it. I simply didn't even look into, I was just like:
"It's an Opal Carew book, it's Mastered By, let me get it!"

I read it for the first time and I was a bit nervous to the say the least. The term Sheikh is a strong word because it represents Muslim and Arabs. Now I don't have a problem with these people, in fact, I defend their rights (excluding terrorist's rights) because I have a few cousins who are real Muslims (I'm Protestant).
So I read the novella and I got the kidnapping aspect as fantasy but perhaps that having relation to Muslims is a little rude. But I'm not here to judge on that because Ms. Carew did a fantastic job on writing it.
So the story focuses on Lily. This girl thinks she has won a trip to paradise.
Oh but no... She was so wrong. Well in a way she was right because the sex is paradise in this book.
This chick is instead she kidnapped by the brothers of Yasin, our hero and offered to him as she jilted him years ago on his birthday.

:O :O :O :O :O

So on the Muslim aspect, Ms. Carew brought her characters to life. She wrote them in a wonderful way and made them like human beings.

I sort of disliked Lily at first and I was like bitch yeah! You got what you deserved... And let's face it... She did! But no, Lily was a great character. She was relatable in some aspects/

The writing style for me was a bit odd. I've always loved Opal Carew and I haven't found humor in her books. But for me, in this novella, I sort of found humor? Maybe it was unintentional or the opposite but either way... It made the book better.

Oh, I almost forgot Yasin is protective of her. So that was a tad confusing for me.
I liked Yasin so much. He made me smile at times and his BDSM desires are hot. Every lady needs a man like him in their lives (but he is alive in our minds)

Sex as always is good. I mean I should stop commenting them because in every Carew novel they've been terrific. I mean if you compared it to Fifty Shades... This would be better. And I know I've compared most of these novels to Shades, and I know it's stupid but, the author has stated herself that
Mastered By is a series of stand-alone BDSM erotic romances in the "What To Read After Fifty Shades Of Grey" genre.

Would I recommend it? Yep!
And for all of those people out there dissing on Muslims, I dare you to read it!

Click here for more info!

Ranking The Novellas

From Best to Worst

  1. Mastered By Her Captor. I'm on Opal's side when she says this is her favorite. It's mine too. The fantasy of being kidnapped in the safe positive way was delightful. Also, I felt the storyline was one of the most realistic ones out there. Plus the sex is f***ing hot!!!
  2. Mastered By The Sheikh. Close call but I really liked this one for the way it was written and for the humorous aspects I found in it.
  3. Mastered By The Boss. It was between this and CEO. I loved this one so much and I enjoyed the sort of retelling of Cinderella. It was great and if you listen to it with the narrator, you'll die in delight.
  4. Mastered By The CEO. It's not the worst out there, but I felt that it was similar in the fantasy aspects of Boss. Overall it was good.
  5. Played By The Master. I liked it but it's not my favorite out of the series. It is one of my favorite erotic books but not my fav in the series. The story though was excellent and inspiring so check it out.
  6. Mastered By My Guardian. You know why I put this one here so read the review if you wanna know why.
Okay, that that's the end of the series of MASTERED BY! It's sad but, I will be reviewing more Opal Carew stories. I am planning on doing a review of TEMPTING THE BOSS by Ruby Carew (Ruby Carew writes more sexier books than Opal) and also the Red Hot Fantasises and maybe The Office Slave series. 

Don't forget the Giveaway with Opal Carew. We're giving away an eBook copy of her story DIRTY TALK: Secret Pleasure & Played By The Master! Click here

Also if you haven't read the interview with her it's right here.

P.S. I'm transitioning to novels! I'm going to be interviewing USA Today Bestselling Author Kelly Anne Blount and reviewing her novel Impassioned as well as interviewing Ansela Corsino a Wattpad writer who has more than 180K Followers and reviewing her novel The Billionaire's Price.

P.P.S I've reached out to Mina V. Essugura about interviewing her and Bethany Shay Porteous. If you want someone to be interviewed please let me know and don't be afraid to follow this blog!


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