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Interview with Tina Folsom + Review + Giveaway

Hello, people of the world, my name is Eli and welcome the hell back to my blog. Today I'll be interviewing one of my favorite authors New York Times Bestselling Author Tina Folsom! I've loved her work ever since I first read Samson's Lovely Mortal two years ago, and have been hooked since!


Tina Folsom is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. She's always been self-published and has found tremendous success with her paranormal series, Scanguards Vampires, Venice Vampyr, and Out of Olympus, selling more than 2 million copies of her 70 titles (which includes titles in German, French, and Spanish) in almost 4 years. In 2017 her series Scanguards Vampires sold over 1 Million Copies!
Tina writes about hot alpha heroes, bad boys, and kick-ass heroines. Fast-paced plots and steamy scenes are her specialty. She loves vampires and the concept of immortality, and now also writes contemporary romance and has launched the Eternal Bachelors Club series. 

Tina is a one-women-enterprise. She writes constantly and translates her own books into German, her native language. Her books are available in e-book format, as paperbacks, as audio books, and in foreign languages.

Tina Folsom was born in Germany and has been living in English speaking countries for over 25 years, the last 15 of them in San Francisco, where she's married to an American. Tina has always been a bit of a globe trotter: after living in Lausanne, Switzerland, she briefly worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, then lived a year in Munich, before moving to London. There, she became an accountant. But after 8 years she decided to move overseas.
In New York she studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts then moved to Los Angeles a year later to pursue studies in screenwriting. In 2008 she wrote her first romance. She now has 32 novels in English and dozens in other languages.
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What prompted you to start writing?
I always wanted to write starting back when I was around 13 years old. I started many stories, but I never finished anything until I took up writing again in my 40s and found the right genre: paranormal romance.
2. How on earth were you inspired to write Venice Vampyr?
In late 2011 my husband and I visited Venice, Italy (it was the 3rd visit for me), and it was quite a rainy and dreary season, but it made me think what a fabulously mysterious place it would be to set a vampire story there. So Venice Vampyr was born.
3. What made you wanna write a series?
I love building worlds, so it would be a shame to build an elaborate world and then only write one book it in. And I love revisiting old characters. Readers like it too. It’s something familiar they can connect to.
4. Do you think the sex scenes are too graphic?
Not at all. Sex is natural. If people can’t handle it they shouldn’t read my books.
(I agree)
5. What have your partner/husband and your family said if they read the book?
My husband has read all my books, and he liked those best that have the most action/adventure in them, so mostly the Stealth Guardians and the Scanguards Vampires. My sisters have read my books too, and they enjoy them, but don’t comment on the sex. Neither does my mother. My brother translates my books into German now, and he, like my husband, enjoys those with action in them. Guys, go figure!
6. What made you wanna let another author write an installment in your series?

I really didn’t have time in my schedule to continue the series, but I’m still getting email from readers asking for more. Since Michele Hauf is a great author in the paranormal genre and I knew she was a friend of a friend, I decided to approach her. And it’s worked out beautifully.
7. Which is your favorite?
LOL. That’s like asking a mother which is her favorite child. However, I do of course have books that are closer to my heart than others: Zane’s Redemption for example, Book 5 in the Scanguards Vampires series. It highlights the atrocities during the Holocaust and is dedicated to my grandfather who was killed in one of the concentration camps.


Today I'll be reviewing Venice Vampyr.
Just to be clear I also interviewed Michele Hauf writer of Venice Vampyr 5, and I did a review of it as well. Right here.
Venice Vampyr is the first in the historical erotic novella series Venice Vampyr. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I first picked it up. I loved Tina's Scanguards Vampires and I wanted more, so I just came to Venice Vampyr.
I have to remind myself that this is a novella and not a novel. If it was a novel, the characters wouldn't have been as well-developed as they were in the novella. Raphael was the hottest vampire ever. Tina if you're reading this, please give him a cameo in Scanguards! From the moment I started to read the story, I felt bad for him. I didn't want him to drown, that's how much I loved him. I think that I enjoyed him because of Tina's writing.
She was smart enough to use the third person perspective. I had no idea that he was so 'steamy', but I'll get to that later.
Isabella, on the other hand, she wasn't my favorite heroine. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her but she didn't deserve a handsome hunk like Raphael! She was too nice, but a like Raphael she did have a dark sex side.
Everything happens fast in this novella (But a little slow sex). It's nice to see Raphael who never had a close connection with a woman opening up with Isabella. The 'love scenes' are hotter than the sun. You'll need to stay in the Pacific Ocean for a few days just to be sure.
Would I recomend this novella?
Click here for the details, did I mention it was for free?
(Keep Scrolling down for the giveaway)


This is probably the part of this blog post (besides the interview) that everyone wants. I purchased the eBook box set of Venice Vampyr 1-4 just for this blog post, days back (almost a month ago) even though I had all of the eBooks.
What you get in the giveaway:
  1. If you're in first place you get the boxset and an early eBook copy of my new, first book Consumed By You. Details are here (which also include my depression/child abuse story)
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What you need to do?

  • Follow this blog via email
  • Write a review for Samson's Lovely Mortal or Venice Vampyr
  • Email me via Contact Forum to tell me that you did.
Good Luck! Winner announced in 1 week!


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