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I always wanted to be an author. While I was being abused by my parents, I stood in my room alone. I had no one to speak to. One night, it was raining and I was cutting myself. Right when I had finished my horrible deed, an idea popped in my head.

I wrote it down and I kept writing. Three months later I had written a 70,000-word manuscript titled Consumed By You. I kept on writing, it was a way to ease my pain. Now that I've been struggling in school I turned back to writing and found peace. I found my old manuscript 'Consumed By You' and edited it. My debut novel is coming out next month, yay!!! But I

wanted to release something quick.
I had finished writing a novella in a series titled 'Dark Desires' and edited it. I hit publish 2 days ago and it released yesterday in eBook. I accidentally published my draft!
I beat myself over it! A person even left a nasty review on Goodreads which had gotten 2 likes! I cried so much and I emailed the person asking to take another look at the book. I don't whether or not she'll accept. I quickly uploaded the edited manuscript and I'm waiting to see what will happen next.
However, the unedited draft that was accidentally published did great! I thought that it would get 10 downloads but no, I was dead wrong.
At about 2 o'clock, I found out that Dark Desires debuted on an amazon bestseller list at #38. I freaked. I screamed in the middle of my campus. I went crazy to tell you the truth and I spent the next hour telling my friends about it.
One hour later Dark Desires debuted on another amazon bestseller list at no. 94. The final results on the bestseller lists were no. 14 and no. 91.
Thank you so much to all of those who downloaded Dark Desires. Yes, the updated version is uploaded and will automatically update on kindle but you'll need to update it on other stores.
I'm now an Amazon Bestselling Author! I can't believe it! Thank you a million times but also, I'd like to thank Kelly Anne Blount for giving me courage and for believing in me.

Now I've set up a goal for myself for one year (or until Dec)

  • Sell 3,000 eBooks. Free or not I don't care.
  •  Release one more novel this year, three novellas and a couple of short stories.
  • This might sound bad but I want to make some money of self-publishing. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it so people can read my stories. But I also need the extra money to help support myself.
Those are my goals. What do you think?


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